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Welcome to Robtorelli.com

Welcome to Robtorelli.com

I have spent my entire life working underwater in various capacities, as an abalone diver, as a spearfishing charter guide, as an underwater cameraman and as a marine consultant.

Over these thirty odd years l have also worked in the diving equipment business as an importer and manufacturer. During this time l have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to try and test a great variety of diving equipment.

My work has seen me travel the globe and dive alongside some of the best divers in the world. Now with this experience and knowledge l am proud to introduce you to the Rob Torelli range of spearfishing, freediving and commercial dive equipment.

On my site you will not find lots of different brands of dive gear, rather you will find selective quality dive equipment. The Rob Torelli team of divers and l have tried and tested all of this equipment in the harshest marine environments and l give you my personal guarantee that this equipment is amongst the finest equipment available in the world today.

I DEMAND THE BEST from my dive equipment, so should you!

Rob Torelli
9 Times Australian Spearfishing Champion and Victorian abalone diver.

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