New Zealand Spearfishing Adventures - Vol.2

New Zealand Spearfishing Adventures - Vol.2

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Chatham Islands
We journey to the remote Chatham Islands in search of the last divable population of hapuku in the world. Along the way we go hunting for pigs and wild bulls, dive huge fields of paua, spend a day commercially harvesting kina and find some of the biggest, dumbest crayfish you've ever seen.

The pacific Islands to our North offer some of the finest diving on earth. The coral reef is home to many challenging species, the pursuit of which often requires significant breathold, cunning or both! We join up with a local diver who shows us how it's done, offering plenty of tricks and tips along the way.

We dive Northland's Cavalli Islands with a bloke who's gone all minimalist on us, having for the last 5 years taken all his fish with no more than a handspear. As you will see that doesn't stop him taking quality fish, snapper and kingfish included.

Along the way we get chased out of the water by a pack of hungry sharks, pursue the elusive (but as it turns out very stupid) gurnard, shoot a lot of other fish besides and almost get flattened by a grumpy humpback whale. Come with us as we continue to explore the underwater world of the breath hold spearfisher.

Run time approximately 90 minutes.