About Us

Robtorelli.com is a diving (spearfishing, freediving and commercial) equipment business and Blue Water Hunting International Pty Ltd is owned by Sue Torelli. Robert Torelli is an Australian based diver who has had a career in spearfishing and commercial diving dating back some thirty years. A former seven times Australian Open Spearfishing Champion he has travelled the globe spearfishing both in the Australian Spearfishing team and as a guide in his spearfishing travel business, Blue Water Hunting International. (www.bwhi.com.au) He has represented Australia in spearfishing competitions in New Zealand, South Africa, New Caledonia, Peru, Spain and Mexico. His spearfishing travel business has seen him travel extensively around the South Pacific region include destinations like Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, Hawaii, French Polynesia and New Zealand.

Robert has also spearfished throughout the USA, Costa Rica, Panama and Indonesia. Robert has landed various World Spearfishing Records including three tuna species, Albacore, Southern Blue Fin tuna and Big Eye Tuna. Robert is also actively involved in the Victorian abalone diving industry diving in the Western Zone. He has formerly worked as a sea urchin diver in NSW and has dived commercially for sea cucumbers in both Western Australia and Queensland. He is no stranger to the tough business of harvesting fish underwater for a living. It is this experience that Rob Torelli has drawn upon to design his own range of diving equipment.

The Rob Torelli range of dive equipment is simply the best gear available in the world today! We will not always be the cheapest, but we can attest to being the best. As Rob Torelli says: “The ocean can be an unforgiving environment and a tough work place. I want to be comfortable and warm whilst diving and demand the very best from my diving equipment, so should you.” Our plan is to start by manufacturing quality wet suits and accessories but with time it is our intention to bring you a complete range of world class spearfishing, freediving and commercial diving equipment.